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openD is a DECT Forum initiative that opens the DECT technology to a global audience of developers, makers and creators of the Internet of Things. openD is a Software development platform that facilitates the use of DECT and ULE in a host of mission critical, robust, wireless applications.  openD is also the name given to the community developing products and systems based on this platform. openD software is designed to work seamlessly with market leading prototyping platforms like Raspberry PI and Arduino.

This webpage will be the place where the openD community comes together to exchange, dissemenate, improve, solve and grow the platform into the vehicle that allows DECT and ULE to address  new vertical markets and facilitate the migration from a 3G to a 5G technology.

For more information watch this space or contact us at

DECT Forum
Wabernstr. 40
3007 Bern - Switzerland



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